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Q. How hard is Titillation™ to learn and play?

A. Titillation™ was designed to be very easy to both learn and play. The game board layout will be immediately familiar to most people. All questions asked and directions given are set forth on cards which the players draw. If you can roll the dice and count to twelve, you can learn and play Titillation™.

Q. What is included in Titillation™?

A. Included in the basic game set are the game board, dice, player pieces, the basic card set, and rules. The basic card set is broken into four groups, each with a particular purpose. For example, some cards ask questions. Other cards direct actions. Still other cards specify the player with whom actions are taken.

Q. Are there other card sets?

A. Yes, special advanced and themed card sets are available for use with the basic game set. Please check out the available card sets by clicking here.

Q. "Nude Fun" spaces and removing clothing...Titillation™ sounds too wild for me.

A. Titillation™ is an adult sexual game. Its purpose is to raise sexual tension between its players and promote sexual exploration. One way the game achieves this objective is by having players remove articles of clothing like in a game of strip poker. However, how far players go in disrobing is really up to them. For players comfortable with shared nudity, the nude fun cards offer an even greater degree of sexual contact and exploration. But, again, players remain free to do only those things that they are comfortable with doing.

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